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Mac OS X, 10.8 or higher.

Filler is only available from the Mac App Store.

Filler is for making data.

Use it to fill test databases, HTML tables, CSV documents, anything!

It makes sensible looking data in a variety of formats quickly and painlessly. From random strings and UUIDs to names and email addresses, Filler can generate millions of rows of data before you've made yourself a coffee.

Filler is iCloud-enabled, so your documents are available on all of your Macs. It looks great on Retina displays too.


Filler document window Filler iCloud open panel

Technical Info

Format Options
CSV Include header row
Set delimiter character
HTML No options
SQL SQL dialect (SQLite or MySQL)
Set table name
Include CREATE statement
SQLite Set table name
XML Set root node name
Set item node name
JSON Text format (minified or readable)
Indent size
Data Type Options
Incrementing number Initial value
Static text String value
Countries Name or two-letter code format
UUID No options
Random string Length
Include lower-case letters
Include upper-case letters
Include numbers
Random number Minimum and maximum value
Format string
Names Select first, last or full names
Include male, female or both
Enumerated type User-supplied list of options to randomly pick from
Email address No options
Date Format and upper/lower limit
Language Name, two- or three-letter code formats
GPS coordinates Format: Decimal degrees or degrees, minutes & seconds
Format: ± or cardinal direction
Latitude/longitude or both
  • Minimum number of rows generated: 1
  • Maximum number of rows generated: 10,000,000
  • No guarantee that values will be unique


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