Privacy Policy

We believe everyone has a right to privacy. At Menial, we don’t want your data. Wherever possible, we avoid collecting information about our customers.

Sometimes, we have to collect some information about you in order to provide a service. This page describes what data we collect and how it is used.

What is collected

We aim to collect as little information as possible from you.

Different information is collected depending on how you purchase licenses for our software.

Mac and iOS App Stores

No information on you or your purchase is stored directly by us. Apple hold your purchase information and we do not have (or want!) access to it.


FastSpring hold your purchase information. We keep a copy of part of it which includes a name, email address, country of purchase and amount paid. We only keep the country code to see which languages are most used in our apps.

We are able to see other information required to process payments for your purchase through FastSpring but do not keep a copy of this or share it with others. You can see the FastSpring privacy policy to see how they handle your information.


No information on you or your purchase is stored directly by us. Setapp hold your subscription information and we do not have (or want!) access to it.

System analytics

In some of our software, there is an automatic update tool which checks to see if the app has a new version available. This collects anonymous information about what type of computer and what version of macOS or iOS you are using. This helps us decide what features to add or remove from our apps. None of the information can be used to identify you and it is only used in aggregate. You can opt-out of this collection in app preferences if you don’t want to be part of this.


If you email us for technical support, we will keep the emails and any attachments on record for future testing. If you don’t want us to do this, please say so in your messages to us.

How info is used

Your information is used for:

  • Processing payments for app license purchases and subscriptions
  • Verifying license details in case replacement keys are needed
  • Anonymised system information is sometimes used in aggregate to see which hardware/software features should be supported by our apps
  • We do not have a mailing list and don’t send out product updates. If there are ever urgent problems that affect you, then we may email you. This hasn’t happened yet and we hope it doesn’t.

Info is not shared

We do not share your information with others.

We do not sell or give away information you have provided to us or our payment processors to other people or companies.


If you have any questions about how your data is handled, please email us.