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There have been some pretty heavy changes to this site in the last couple of days. Hopefully they shouldn’t actually be very visible. The biggest change has been installing Wordpress to power this blog.

The original blog was self-made using Ruby on Rails and was a very simple affair that started accumulating huge amounts of comment spam and was lacking some features I wanted (namely file uploading and easy archive browsing). Integrating Wordpress (a php-based system) with my Rails site was not actually that difficult. For those who are considering doing this, you will just need a mod_rewrite rule to redirect /blog/ to the Wordpress index.php file. The tricky part was realising that Dreamhost disable mod_rewrite when you use Passenger to power Rails as poorly crafted rewrite rules can break Passenger. However they are very helpful and will enable it for you after explaining what not to do.

Now that the blog also has file uploads, I have added some of my old php code snippets to the site. They are a bit old but probably still work. Just be sure to test and adapt them first! I’d also love to hear back from anyone who does find them useful.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has sent feedback regarding Base. It’s been very useful for prioritising features and finding a couple of new bugs and it’s been great to have such a positive reception.