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I’m sorry to announce that our iOS app Statistics for WordPress is to be discontinued.

The stats plugin which powers the app has been migrated to the Jetpack plugin. Alongside this, WordPress API keys which are needed to log into the stats server are to be retired. Unfortunately, the amount of work needed to update Statistics so that it works with this new system is simply too extensive to justify.

I would like Statistics to retire gracefully. To this end, I am making the app free for the remainder of the month so that anyone who wishes to download a copy can do so. On the 1st March 2013, Statistics for WordPress will be removed from sale.

For those who still want to view WordPress blog statistics on their iOS device, I recommend downloading the WordPress iOS app.

I would also like to thank all the users who have purchased Statistics and those who provided feeback and suggestion for improvement. This app was a most enjoyable project and I am sorry to see it go.